Pre-Draft Preparation

The process leading up to the draft is an important one for all football players. We take pride in preparing our clients for this entire process, going from the all-star games to the combines, pro days, workouts, interviews, etc.

Contract negotiations

At VA-AS, we understand that contract negotiations are a focal point in a professional athlete’s career. Such contracts, whether they are employment, endorsement or any others, are very important to an athlete’s professional career. Negotiations require more than just nice words: research and understanding of the market are key concepts to having an efficient negotiation. We have negotiated over fifty contracts between the CFL and NFL and Sasha’s legal background brings a lot of knowledge and experience to every negotiation.

Post-career counseling

It is important for all athletes to prepare life after their professional athletic careers. This aspect is often neglected by athletes since their main focus is on finding success in their sport. At VA-AS, we feel that this part of our job is as important as any of the services, if not more. Thanks to Sasha’s contacts in the business world stemming from his legal background, we take great pride in assisting athletes with their after-career goals. Whether this is to find a passion after sports, an internship or a job in the field of their choice, VA-AS works directly with the athletes to secure this for them.

Public relations

We understand that professional sports attracts media attention. Thanks to our wide range of connections in the media world, we handle all of the media bookings for the athletes as well as securing media opportunities for them. We work hand in hand with the athletes on this front and adapt our approach to the personalities of each athlete.

Marketing and Endorsements

Professional athletes can potentially attract marketing opportunities. We assist athletes in the development of their personal branding as well as developing potential marketing/endorsement opportunities for them.

Concierge services

Athlete’s lives can be very hectic. It then becomes difficult to handle all of the daily tasks (i.e. booking travel arrangements, game tickets, etc.). We assist athletes with day to day tasks in order for them to be able to focus more on their sport.

Financial planning

VA-AS has established relationships with many financial planners who work with athletes. At the athlete’s request, we can schedule meetings with the financial planners in order for the athlete to decide with whom they want to work with.

Cross-border accounting

Accounting for professional athletes is a very complicated task and needs to be handled by professionals. We have established those relationships and we can refer our athletes to the different accountants to allow them to choose with whom they want to work with.